Noah's Ark Project - Work in Progress


File Description
D06.html Deliverable 6: Overview of the expected negative and positive consequences of global environmental changes on deterioration of materials
D07.html Deliverable 7: Scientific reference on mechanical damage and failures of historic structures due to weather effects and related natural disasters and their mitigation strategies and measures
D08.html Deliverable 8: Web-based climate risk maps
D09.html Deliverable 9: Set of data on moisture and temperature response of selected key European historic materials to environments accompanying extreme climatic events
D10.html Deliverable 10: Results of model predictions for different drying out strategies and climate change scenarios
D11.html Deliverable 11: Stakeholder project seminar
D12.html Deliverable 12: Production of the Vulnerability Atlas
D14.html Deliverable 14: Prediction model on the behaviour of the biological cover of building stones in the Mediterranean Basin and its effect on urban and rural building stones (biodeteriotration vs bioprotection)
D15.html Deliverable 15: Freely available guidelines on adaptation of cultural haritage to climate change
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